December 11 2017

Digital scores - a key component of Music:Eyes

Music:Eyes is pleased to announce a collaboration with OpenScore to bring Debussy’s 1st Arabesque to life.


If you enjoy the music visualizations of Music:Eyes and the Music Animation Machine, you might have wondered what components are crucial in their production. One key ingredient is a digital score, and one of our main tasks is finding high quality digital scores. This is why OpenScore is so important for us. Today we are happy to present to you a Side-by-Side of OpenScore and an animation by the pioneer of music visualization, Stephen Malinowski - one of his most popular and inspirational animations, the one for the 1st Arabesque by Claude Debussy:


OpenScore is a new crowdsourcing initiative to digitise sheet music by composers whose works are in the public domain, such as Mozart and Beethoven, and make them freely available for everyone to use without restriction. Launched back in June, over 1000 people backed OpenScore’s Kickstarter campaign to liberate public domain music once and for all.


Digital sheet music has many advantages over paper or PDF scores. OpenScore editions will be available in the popular MusicXML and MIDI formats, which can be opened in the vast majority of music notation programs and edited to produce new arrangements and orchestrations. The files can also be parsed by software tools for research and analysis, and even converted to Braille notation for blind musicians. The digital nature of the scores makes them ideal data sources for producing music visualisations, like those created by Music:Eyes.

OpenScore is the result of a collaboration between two of the largest online sheet music communities: MuseScore, the world’s most popular music notation program; IMSLP, the world’s largest online collection of public domain sheet music in PDF format; and various partners across the music and tech industries. Using the power of crowdsourcing, these communities will transform history’s most influential musical works into a format suitable for the digital age. Music:Eyes is happy to be connected with these major players in the world of digital scores.